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Here are some testimonials from people that have purchased our products or used our web development services:

Nielsen Kellerman

"NK have had a 'home made' web site for some years, that looked tired & was too difficult to update, & so was neglected & reflected poorly on our Company. After some much needed prompting, we engaged Drewbytes to produce a new website, complete with on line purchasing,  for us. What a revelation. Done on time, reasonably priced & easy to use. But the best thing is the prompt support that we receive. We can highly recommend Drewbytes for your web design & hosting."


Shot to Pieces

"Thanks Andrew ... you are great, efficient and make my life easier as there is just no one locally I can call on for coding especially CF."


Funki Fox

"I was extremely happy with the service Drewbytes provides. Any questions I had were answered honestly and immediately. All work was completed within the timeframe, and of very good quality. The completed cost was as originally quoted. I have no hesitation in recommending Drewbytes, in fact I have a couple of things in 'the pipeline' and, when the time comes to start work on them, I will certainly be contacting Drewbytes. Thanks again Andrew!"


CAI Pty Ltd

"Andrew, what can I say FARK I'm impressed. Web page looks great!!"



"Again... You've been phenomenal on with this and I appreciate all of your help.. You've been awesome."
Joel Lucibello


Traveler Contact

"Having the idea for what I believe to be a fairly technical and unique design for a web site. Andrew at Drewbytes was the only person I contacted who made me feel confident that he could achieve the results I wanted. The communication between us was nothing short of excellent and he was always happy to assist with any query. The completed website exceeded my expectations in both design and technical capabilities. I cannot praise Andrew and his staff highly enough, and I wouldn't hesitate in recommending his company to anybody that requires a professional designed and hosted website."
Mark Curnoe, Manager


Future Media, United Kingdom:

"DrewBytes created a custom built dynamic shopping cart, that surpassed both ours and our clients expectations. Throughout the development process DrewBytes reacted to support calls and changes to the initial brief, swiftly and efficiently breaking down geographical limitations. Future Media have commissioned numerous UK based companies to outsource similar work in the past, but can truly recommend DrewBytes for there technical ability and outstanding support infrastructure."
Paul Walsh, Technical Director


Rex-Digital: "We searched the web, read forums and finally decided that cold fusion was the programming language that would best suit our requirements, and by all indications, the shopping cart from DrewBytes was the best shopping cart available anywhere and at any price. Purchasing that first cart was the best decision we ever made. But most important... Service is excellent. I would not hesitate to recommend DrewBytes Shopping Cart to ANYONE looking for a professional e-commerce solution. And don't be afraid of getting DrewBytes to do custom work done on the site... pricing is very reasonable, turnaround is fast, finished product fantastic and backup superb."
Paul Edwards, Manager
The Alpine Angler: "We are exceptionally happy with our new web site which DrewBytes built from the shopping-cart out. The whole site is easy to navigate, runs fast and reliably. I would recommend Andrew and his team for any one looking at building or updating a new web site."
Scott Mitchell
Bodybuild Australia: "I had done extensive research on shopping cart software, with every product I tested something always was missing. I was in a great dilemma trying to find the right software that would suit me, within a limited budget, and something I could manipulate myself with limited technical knowledge.

Most of the shopping applications which I tested were not only expensive. They were hard to use and implement, and you needed to have programming skills to set them up. I didn't have time nor the patience for that.

It was only until I found DrewBytes Shopping application things started to get moving. The support is the best I have ever come across, with step by step instructions from the tech support and easy installation of the software. My business went from no orders to a full on shopping cart system that can accept an amazing amount of difficult tasks all within it's stride, with all the features and more you would get from software that would cost thousands. It makes e-commerce a walk in the park!  I would recommend DrewBytes Software package to anyone who is serious about implementing a shopping system which is fast, reliable and accurate."
Jason Peters
DiscoveryCD: "We had some custom Cold Fusion programming done by DrewBytes, and were very pleased. Communication was excellent, work was done in a expedient manner, and post code implementation was performed without hesitation. We would highly recommend DrewBytes and will use them again in future projects."
John Corliss
Graham's Building Equipment: "DrewBytes took our concept of what a credible on line shopping site should be and created a dynamic shopping cart with interfaced content management, which today is still the envy of most of our opposition."
John Graham, General Manager
GQ Products: "I purchased your shopping cart just over a year ago and have had some great results using it. I was easily able to change the code to fit my needs. I looked at a lot of different ColdFusion shopping carts on the internet and your cart was exactly what I was looking for."
Joe Schmaltz
Cougar Computers: "Since DrewBytes incorporated their shopping cart system into our web site, our online ordering has increased dramatically. We've had a lot of positive feedback from our customers, who find it easy to use and understand. We are very happy with our decision to use DrewBytes shopping cart."
Richard, Manager.
HOPE worldwide: "The new code is fantastic! 'Works out of the box' as they say. I must say, your content management system is by far the easiest to setup, and use, that I have seen. (And I have seem MANY!) Congratulations!"
GoWebSystems: "We were in need of a quick solution for a large-scale e-commerce project that we were working on for our client.  However, we were using MySQL on Linux and had trouble finding such a nicely finished commercial product - the front-end visual interface of which could be replaced by our own.  We decided to purchase DrewBytes software and convert the database from Access to MySQL and convert the CF code for use on CF for Linux with MySQL.  DrewBytes was there the entire time and supported us through the mammoth project of conversion.  They even created other sections that our client required - tying them into the original database.  The support was timely and expedient, and most importantly, invaluable.  We HIGHLY recommend DrewBytes to anyone looking for such a solution."
abi-informatic: "We needed to develop a Shopping Cart for a Customer, so we found and used DrewBytes Shopping Cart. We can host it ourselves or with our ISP and the Customer can easily administer the shop themselves through the admin area. It is easy to integrate into the existing design and thanks also for the great after sales support!"
Ronny, WebMaster
Teldeon: "We needed a Content System for a client, and found DrewBytes software matched our needs. They modified the software to suit our clients needs at a reasonable price. Support was excellent."
Manuel Roque De Jesus
World Mall: "I incorporated DrewBytes shopping cart into one of our customers web sites. It worked really well with very little modification. I also found DrewBytes very helpful in giving advice about the code and how to modify it. I would recommend it for any site that uses Cold Fusion."
Golf Universe: "DrewBytes provided us with the superior Cold Fusion code foundations for our custom e-commerce solution... The original shopping cart was excellent, and was easily adapted to accomodate the additional features we needed. During every step of the process, from conceptualization to field testing, Andrew was always available to provide extra support and direction. We couldn't have done it without DrewBytes!"
Timothy Gaffney, Senior Developer, GolfUniverse, Inc.
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