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See the DEMO of DrewBytes Content Management Software: it's fast, smart and safe!

Just use your browser to update and create your entire web site, including a dynamic menu!

We have developed a simple, yet powerful interface that enables you to update and create your web site through the browser that you use right now.

DEMO CMS admin

Our Content Management system gives you these great features:

  • Quickly and easily create web sites in minutes through an easy-to-use WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) interface.
  • Create, edit and delete pages and content from the site in minutes or even seconds!
  • Menu structure is dynamically created from the pages you create.
  • Update your website from your browser from anywhere in the world.
  • Include dynamic content (Coldfusion) code in your pages.
  • Use different templates (design) on different pages on your site
  • Workflow with roles (editor, publisher, manager, administrator)
  • 12 months free support and upgrades.
  • Easy to use and navigate for both customers and administrators (developers too!)
  • Un-encrypted source so you can modify to suit your requirements.
  • It couldn't be easier to create and maintain a web site and it's content!

If you go to our DEMO, you can see how easy it is to Create, Edit and Remove content, and what powerful features the Admin area has. Try it out - we're sure you'll be pleasantly surprised at how easy and powerful it is!

Go to the DEMO now.

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Edit Your Site Anywhere!

  • Edit Your Site Through Your Browser
    • Browser based content publishing of pages.
    • Browser based editing of dynamic content.
    • Multiple content areas per page to fit in with your design
    • Integrated HTML WYSIWYG editor for full control over content.
  • Browse and Click to Edit!
    • Once logged in, you just browse the site as you would normally.
    • When you want to edit a page simply click the edit link.
    • When you want to create a page, click create.
    • It couldn't be easier!


  • WYSIWYG Editor.
    • Editor very similar to MS Word® If you can use Word, then you already know how to use this tool!
    • Edit your document and see it exactly as it will appear on your web site.
    • Search/Replace on text.
    • Insert "special" characters - eg © ® € ¾ Ä
    • Edit the HTML source code directly at the press of a button. 
  • Multiple Fonts, Styles, Sizes and Colours
    • The editor allows you to mix and match all fonts, styles, sizes and colours quickly and easily through a windows like interface.
  • Complete Page Control
    • The editor allows full control over tables, text alignment, hyperlinks, cut and paste, bullets, lists, special characters, search for text, help etc.
  • Insert Graphics
    • Allows the user to browse their computer and select an image for upload.
    • All images previously uploaded are available for insertion into other documents.
    • Insert external Hyperlinks via a popup window.
    • Insert internal site Hyperlinks via a dropdown menu of the current sites pages. No more broken links!
    • Extensive list (500+) of smileys that can be inserted.

Site Design

  • Automatic Menu Generation
    • Automatic menu generation from the pages you create.
    • Menus are created as you enter pages.
    • Menus can be nested unlimited levels deep.
    • Different colours show which menu items are selected.
    • Menu is automatically generated on every page of the site.
  • Content Seperate from Design
    • The site design is totally separate from the content.
    • This makes it easy to update and maintain content without having to worry about site design.
    • Unlimited templates can be used to change the design on different pages of the site.

Page information and options

  • Choose a template that the content will go inside.
  • Set a date the page will go live.
  • Set a date the page will be removed from the site.
  • Set whether the page is visible in the menu structure or not.
  • Choose a Coldfusion module to include dynamic content in your page.
  • Attached unlimited documents (eg PDF, DOC) to your page.
  • View a history of changes to each page, and revert to a previous copy (if desired).


  • Each page or document that is created or edited is inserted into the workflow.
  • Pages and documents must be approved by a publisher before the content goes live on your site.
  • Publisher can perform these tasks:
    • Preview content before approval.
    • Approve the content to immediately go live.
    • Send the page back to the editor for further changes before it is approved.
    • Cancel the page or document all together if it is not acceptable.


  • Groups are created (eg HR, Finance, IT) which users are then assigned to.
  • Users are assigned to a particular group.
  • Users are assigned a role or roles (editor, publisher, manager or administrator).
  • Groups are assigned permissions to edit sections of the website. They can only create or edit pages in the assigned sections. Eg the HR team can only edit the HR section of the website.


  • MS Access storage. Comes with populated MS Access database as standard.


  • Last Updates
    • Each page stores the last person who updated/created the page as well as the date and time.
  • Hits
    • Each page stores the number of times it has been viewed (number of hits) for each year/month.

Dynamic Code Integration

  • Insert Dynamic Content
    • Our tool allows you to insert dynamic content, not just static pages!
    • Insert external files (Coldfusion) instead of static pages.
    • Mix static and dynamic content on the same page.


  • Site Wide Searching
    • Automatic site wide searching of your web site content that is entered through the WYSIWYG editor.

Admin Area

  • Powerful Admin Area
    • Add/Edit/Delete users for the admin area.
    • Set the order the main menu and sub menu items appear in.
    • See which pages get the most hits and are the most popular (stored for each month).
    • Workflow to approve/review/send back to editor pages and documents that are created or edited.
    • Set groups (eg HR, IT, Finance) which users are assigned to.
    • Assign users to groups.
    • Assign users roles (editor, publisher, manager, administrator).
    • Set which menu items can be edited by which groups (eg HR can edit the HR section of the website only)


  • Secure Entry to Admin Area.
    • Users must enter username and password to edit, create and remove content, as well as for entry to the admin area.
    • Username and date/time are stored with each content update or creation, so it can be seen at a glance who did what and when.

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