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Use DrewBytes Shopping Cart Software and sell your goods across the web! It's easy.

  • Customise DrewBytes Shopping Cart software to match your site's look and feel.
  • It's safe - it supports Secure Socket Layers (SSL).
  • Powerful, flexible, robust shopping cart software.
  • 12 months free support and upgrades.
  • Easy to use and navigate for both customers and administrators (developers too!)
  • Un-encrypted source so you can modify to suit your requirements.
  • A small investment to make big sales!

Here's someone who used DrewBytes Shopping Cart Software!

Bodybuild Australia:
"I had done extensive research on shopping cart software, with every product I tested something always was missing. I was in a great dilemma trying to find the right software that would suit me, within a limited budget, and something I could manipulate myself with limited technical knowledge.

Most of the shopping applications which I tested were not only expensive. They were hard to use and implement, and you needed to have programming skills to set them up. I didn't have time nor the patience for that.
It was only until I found DrewBytes Shopping application things started to get moving. The support is the best I have ever come across, with step by step instructions from the tech support and easy installation of the software. My business went from no orders to a full on shopping cart system that can accept an amazing amount of difficult tasks all within it's stride, with all the features and more you would get from software that would cost thousands. It makes e-commerce a walk in the park! I would recommend DrewBytes Software package to anyone who is serious about implementing a shopping system which is fast, reliable and accurate."- Jason Peters

See the DEMO of DrewBytes Shopping Cart Software: it's fast, smart and safe!

Just like shopping at the supermarket

The shopping cart analogy is used for the DrewBytes Shopping Cart Software because shoppers are familiar with the idea of moving from aisle to aisle in supermarket (or screen to screen on a website), adding items to their shopping cart or trolley, and heading for the checkout to pay.

When purchasers visit your site to buy:

  • they want to be able to find out where to buy your products quickly
  • the site to be fast to use so they can buy your products quickly
  • the software to be unobtrusive (ie so they don't have to learn anything new to buy something from you)
  • the software to be smart enough to collate and total their order
  • they want to be confident your site is safe and secure so they can provide their credit card details with confidence.
  • they want to be confident their order will be fulfilled.

DrewBytes Shopping Cart Software provides all these features to help make your purchasers visits to your site turn into a visit that makes you a sale.

DrewBytes Shopping Cart Software works in exactly the same way as a real life shopping experience.

Add products to the online shopping cart

Your site users look at the products, add them to their shopping cart. The software tracks the collection of items in the shopping cart, adds up the number of items and the total cost and then processes the sale using a secure online order form.

Go to the DEMO now.

The demo of DrewBytes Shopping Cart Software demonstrates these features

  • Ability of DrewBytes Shopping Cart software to match your site's look and feel
  • Viewing the product list
  • Adding items to the shopping cart, add up the charges and process the sale
  • Viewing the shopping cart contents
  • Going through the checkout procedure, and
  • Receiving an order confirmation via e-mail

Do you have more questions? Contact us.

Look at the great features of this product:


  • Supports SSL
    • This will enable you to use secure pages on your site for secure entry of credit card details etc.
  • Select Which Credit Cards You Accept
    • You select what credit cards your store can accept.
  • Credit Cards Accepted Displayed At Bottom Of Each Page
    • At the bottom of each page a picture and name of each credit card you can accept is displayed for easy customer reference.
  • Credit Card Details Encrypted
    • All credit card details are encrypted before being stored in the database for security.
  • Customer Passwords Encrypted
    • All customer passwords are encrypted before being stored in the database for security.
  • Works With Any Payment Gateway
    • Our shopping cart will work with with any payment gateway for credit card processing. Each gateway is different, requiring different parameters to be sent/received. There is provision in the code to use a gateway, you just have to pass the right values. We can help advise how to achieve this when you integrate a gateway with our cart.
  • Credit Card Verification For Valid Numbers, Dates Etc.
    • We have inbuilt checksum code to ensure that when users enter their credit card details they enter a valid credit card number, and also that the expiry month and date are within the acceptable ranges.

Product Browsing

  • Product Trees 
    • Main (top level) product categories are displayed automatically on each page of your site in the menu.
    • When a main product category is clicked on, products will be displayed in that category, and any sub-categories will be displayed in the menu in a tree format. This makes it very easy for the customer to see the structure of your products and find what they are looking for.
    • On the page that displays the products, the customer is shown the product structure in a hierarchical format. The customer always knows where they are on your site.
    • Very easy to use and understand product browsing.


  • Easily Configure Sub Product Categories
    • Show sub categories for any product. For example in a computer store you have the category CPU, and have the sub categories Intel and AMD. You can nest an unlimited number deep of categories.
    • These product categories can be viewed by the user in a tree format to easily see your product categories and structure.
  • Product Colour and Size choice
    • The user can select the Colour and/or Size of each product and can alter this selection at any time.
    • Each colour/size option can affect the price of the product up or down.
  • Discounts for Bulk Purchases
    • Set discounts for each product for bulk purchases.
    • E.g. a customer buys 5-10 items, set a discount of 15% off the normal price.
  • Stock Control
    • Option to use stock levels (if desired) for each individual product
    • Decide whether to accept back order sales or not (for each individual product)
    • If you don't use back order sales, the customer can only order a maximum qty that is available in stock.
  • Flexible Fonts, Colours, Sizes etc For Store Display
    • You can modify the background colour, text size, text font and size, background image, link colours etc for the entire web site.
  • Display Pictures And Detailed Descriptions Of Products
    • You can display a thumbnail, picture and detailed description (as long as you like) of each product so that your customers are fully informed about your products.
    • Product descriptions entered via a full WYSIWYG editing tool for complete flexibility.
  • Example Store Front Included.
    • You get the code and database structure exactly as per our demonstration web site.
  • Sell physical or electronic goods
    • You can upload electronic goods (zip files, word documents, images etc) to sell and these products will be automatically emailed to the customer upon completion of their order.
    • Sell physical goods, upload thumbnails and detailed pictures and descriptions of all products.
  • Modify to suit your requirements
    • You get all the source code un-encrypted so you can modify to suit your exact requirements, or we can do this for you at an additional cost.
  • Customer Registration
    • When customers check out, their details are stored in the database for future reference. Users can login on subsequent visits and edit their profiles at any time and view their order history.

Tax, shipping and freighting options

  • Flexible State Tax Rates
    • If tax rates vary from state to state, you can enter tax rates for each state and the checkout procedure will automatically calculate the appropriate tax amount payable.
  • Select which courier companies you will use
    • You can enter the names of any courier company you want to use and details of their freight charges and the computer will take care of the rest during checkout, by calculating the correct freight charge for each order.
  • Select Which (If Any) International Countries You Ship To By What Methods
    • Select which of your couriers will ship internationally. You can also enter extra charges for shipping internationally.
  • Automatic Calculation Of Freight Charges By Price, Weight, Location or Courier
    • You have the option of calculating freight charges automatically, based on total price of the order, the total weight of the order, or the location of the order (state and country). For example, you might offer free shipping for orders totaling over $500. This is easy to implement.
  • User Selectable Freight Method
    • If you use automatic freight calculation, the user gets to choose from the available shipping methods which method they want to use.

Feedback to your customers

  • Complete Customer Order History
    • All items, quantities, dates etc of orders are recorded for instant display by the customer and the shop administrator.
  • Customer Order Status Including Order History
    • Customers can see the status of each order, whether it has been shipped, is being processed etc, along with consignment numbers, which courier it has been sent by etc.
    • Customers can view their order history, including each item ordered.
  • E-mail Notification To Customer After Ordering
    • After the customer orders, they will receive an automated confirmation of their order being placed with the product details etc.
    • Customer chooses whether to receive emails in HTML or plain text format. HTML emails have product thumbnails and better formatting.
  • E-mail Notification To Store After Ordering
    • After the customer orders, the store will receive an automated order email with the customers details and what they have ordered.
  • Store Contact Details Displayed at Bottom Of Each Page
    • The name, address, phone, fax numbers etc of the store can be displayed (if desired) at the bottom of each page for easy customer reference.
  • Simply, Easy To Use, And Looks Great
    • As you will see from our demonstration store, our shopping cart is very easy for the customer to use, looks great and works extremely well too.

Affiliate Program

  • Built in affiliate program.
    • Automatic email to each person who registers with their affiliate information to link to your site.
    • Reporting for each affiliate by month to view the number of visitors they have referred, the number of sales, and the commission they have earned.
    • Administrators can view monthly reports of all affiliate orders, how many persons each affiliate has referred and commission earned.
    • Each affiliate can have a different commission rate.

System flexibility

  • Searchable Products And Selectable Sorting
    • You can search for products, and sort the results in ascending or descending order on any result column.
  • Capitalisation Of User Data Entry
    • Stop people from SHOUTING in capital letters. All data entry is converted to correct capitalisation format.

Admin Area

  • Admin area to manage your store.
  • Enter/edit products, upload pictures, set colour/size options etc.
  • Create product categories, nest them as deep as you like. This is displayed in a graphical tree format to easily see the structure of your products.
  • Set your freight/courier methods for shipping orders.
  • Set how to calculate freight on your orders, the user chooses a courier, or by location, price or weight.
  • Select which credit cards you accept. These are displayed for the user on the site.
  • Enter your store address and contact details. These are displayed on the site and in any emails (such as order confirmations) to the customer.
  • Edit which countries you ship to and set extra charges for those countries if applicable.
  • Edit which states to display, tax rates and shipping charges.
  • Edit your payment methods, eg credit card, pay at store etc.
  • View all registered customers details.
  • View all orders in detail, including date/time and the products in each order. Set an order status that the customer can view in their order history, enter consignment details for the user to track their order etc.
  • Set each customers order statuses, eg items have shipped, items on backorder, order awaiting processing, enter tracking details etc.
  • Send emails to those customers subscribed to the mailing list.
  • Alter the current order number.
  • Add/delete users for the admin area.
  • Inbuilt page counters to track page hits monthly for your site, including how often each product category is viewed. Know which are your popular product lines!
  • Delete contents from the shopping basket older than X days. If you have a busy site, helps keep the shopping cart in the database small by erasing unwanted items from expired sessions.
  • View and print a stock level report to show which items you need to re-order etc.


  • Single Store Licence Included.
    • You can use the shopping cart on one site only. This can easily be passed along to your customers as part of their setup fees. 

Here are some more satisfied users:

"We were in need of a quick solution for a large-scale e-commerce project that we were working on for our client. However, we were using MySQL on Linux and had trouble finding such a nicely finished commercial product - the front-end visual interface of which could be replaced by our own. We decided to purchase DrewBytes software and convert the database from Access to MySQL and convert the CF code for use on CF for Linux with MySQL. DrewBytes was there the entire time and supported us through the mammoth project of conversion. They even created other sections that our client required - tying them into the original database. The support was timely and expedient, and most importantly, invaluable. We HIGHLY recommend DrewBytes to anyone looking for such a solution." - Brian

Cougar Computers:
"Since DrewBytes incorporated their shopping cart system into our web site, our online ordering has increased dramatically. We've had a lot of positive feedback from our customers, who find it easy to use and understand. We are very happy with our decision to use DrewBytes shopping cart." - Richard, Manager.
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